Victron Battery AGM 6V/240Ah Deep Cycle (M8)
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Victron Battery AGM 6V/240Ah Deep Cycle (M8)

Victron Energy AGM Deep Cycle battery with a voltage of 6V/240Ah VRLA AGM: lifespan 7-10 years


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Victron Battery AGM 6V/240Ah Deep Cycle (M8)

The energy that will take you to the horizon and beyond...

The AGM range has a very low internal resistance which makes them particularly suitable for applications requiring high current discharges, such as converters, thrusters and winches.

AGM is the abbreviation of Absorbent Glass Mat. In these batteries, the electrolyte is absorbed by capillary action in a fiberglass mat placed between the plates. As we explain in our book "Energy Without Limits", AGM batteries are better able to supply high currents for short durations than Gel batteries.

The nominal capacities of Victron AGM and Gel deep cycle' batteries are given for a discharge in 20 hours, i.e. for a discharge current of 0.05C. AGM Deep Cycle batteries offer excellent high current performance and are therefore recommended for applications such as engine starting.

Victron offers you a full range of cutting-edge products that can meet your expectations. Each of them can be adapted to your specific needs.
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