Victron Argodiode 160-2AC Splitter 2 batteries 160A
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Victron Argodiode 160-2AC Splitter 2 batteries 160A

Schottky Argo diode splitter for 2 Vitron Energy 160-2AC 160A batteries

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Diode distributors make it possible to simultaneously charge several batteries from a single alternator, without connecting these batteries to each other. Also in discharging, the batteries remain isolated, the use of the service battery, for example, will not discharge the starter battery.

ARGO splitters have a reduced voltage drop thanks to the use of Schottky diodes: at low current the loss will be approximately 0.3 V, and at full power 0.45 V. All models are equipped with a compensation diode to slightly raise the output voltage of the alternator to compensate for the voltage loss of the splitter. For best results, see our ARGO FET splitters with no voltage drop.

Consult our free book “Energy Without Limits” or ask a specialist for advice on installing a diode load balancer. Voltage losses caused by the use of load balancers can deteriorate battery performance due to incomplete charging.

Schottky Argo diode splitter for 2 Vitron Energy 160-2AC 160A batteries
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H60 x W120 x D150mm
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