Victron Charger Blue Smart IP22 12/15 (3 Outputs)
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Victron Charger Blue Smart IP22 12/15 (3 Outputs)

Battery Charger Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/15 (3 Outputs) Voltage 12V Charging Current 15A

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Victron Energy's Blue Smart IP22 charger is the new professional battery charger with integrated Bluetooth! The Blue Smart IP22 Charger can be used with devices in your workshop and on your motor vehicles such as (classic) cars, motorcycles, boats and motorhomes.
Wireless Bluetooth Smart solution to monitor voltage and current, change settings and update the charger when new features are available.

With up to 94% efficiency, these chargers generate up to four times less heat compared to the industry standard. And once the battery is fully charged, power consumption is reduced to 0.5 Watts, nearly five to ten times better than industry standards. he Blue Smart charger includes an “adaptive” charge management system controlled by a microprocessor. The "adaptive" function automatically optimizes the charging process according to the use made of the battery.

Absorption, Float and Storage voltages, as well as reclamation parameters and temperature compensation value can be programmed with the Bluetooth app. Once Expert Mode is enabled, the app allows you to change virtually all parameters and time limits used by the charging algorithm.

Storage mode is triggered when the battery has not been used for 24 hours. In storage mode, the Float voltage is reduced to 2.2V/cell (13.2V for a 12V battery) to minimize gassing and corrosion of the positive plates. Once a week, the voltage is raised to the absorption level to “equalize” the battery. This feature prevents electrolyte stratification and sulfation which are major causes of premature battery aging.

When NIGHT or LOW mode is selected, the output current is reduced to a maximum of 50% of rated output and the charger will be completely silent. NIGHT mode ends automatically after 8 hours. LOW mode can be stopped manually. The output current will reduce if the temperature rises to 50°C, but the Blue Smart Charger will not fail.

You can synchronize up to 10 battery chargers in a VE.Smart network so that they charge the battery as if it were one large charger. The chargers will synchronize the charging algorithm with each other. They will simultaneously switch from one state of charge to another. For example: from bulk to absorption.

Battery Charger Victron Blue Smart IP22 Charger 12/15 (3 Outputs) Voltage 12V Charging Current 15A

H235 x W108 x D65mm
12 Volt
Bluetooth function
IP protection
Charge Current
Smart model

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